Infinity: Yu Jing Hsien Warrirors (Multi Rifle) - Linebreakers

Infinity: Yu Jing Hsien Warrirors (Multi Rifle)

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Hsien (or Immortals) are the personal guard of the Emperor, and the prestigious elite unit formed by decorated officers of the Imperial Service. All members of this corps consider themselves to be entrusted with the personal safety of their Emperor as the highest honorable member of the military can receive, guaranteeing unswerving loyalty and determination in combat. Hsien are the most self-sacrificing among the chosen, the best among the excellent, and they dedicate their life to the Emperor without a thought for themselves or anyone else. They are a defensive / offensive bubble around the person of the Emperor. The members of a special security force, their job is to provide armed escort and act as an armored protective force. This unit also specializes in intense combat actions and use of firepower to repel assaults, close combat operations and counterattacks. Hsien are the highest ranking Imperial Agents, and are posted at the Tin Di Jing Imperial Palace, but they travel with the Emperor and follow his wishes wherever these may take them. When the Emperor wants to represent in an important location or situation, he sends these Agents as a personification of his will. As such, they are as feared and respected as the Emperor himself, and have full powers and authorization to make decisions, enforce them bluntly, and then leave the scene completely unchallenged.



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