MTG Commander 2020 Deck - ARCANE MAELSTROM - Linebreakers

MTG Commander 2020 Deck - ARCANE MAELSTROM

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    • Contents:

      1 Each of the 5 Commander Ikoria Decks. Each Deck Includes:
        ‣ 1 Deck Box
        ‣ 100-card Deck
        ‣ 1 Foil Oversized Commander Card
        ‣ 10 Double-sided Token Cards
        ‣ Strategy Insert
        ‣ Reference Card

      • Choose from three fierce Commanders from Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths (IKO) to lead your deck to victory—four legendary creatures, including two that share a magical bond and can command your deck together.
      • Commander is a Magic: The Gathering (MTG) multiplayer format where alliances are formed, friends are betrayed, and grudges are repaid with a vengeance.
      • Grow and develop your creatures’ powers to new heights with the Enhanced Evolution deck—bring your mutated monsters back from the dead with Otrimi, the Ever-Playful; build an army of hydras with Zaxara, the Exemplary; or gain life and strength as you take down your enemies with Cazur, Ruthless Stalker and Ukkima, Stalking Shadow.
      • Enhanced Evolution is one of five Commander Decks from Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths (IKO). Each includes exclusive cards tailored to that deck—pick your favorite mechanics and dive in to battle!
      • Battle your way through the plane of Ikoria with monster-themed mechanics that grow your creatures, build your bond, and crush your opponents.
      • Contents: one (1) foil oversized Commander card, one hundred (100) card deck, ten (10) double-sided tokens, one (1) deck box, one (1) Life Wheel, one (1) punchout keyword counter card


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