The Galaxy's Most Wanted - Linebreakers
The Galaxy's Most Wanted - Linebreakers

The Galaxy's Most Wanted

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I'll tell you all something I've learned over the years with my friends. You can save the galaxy and take down scores. You can save millions of people by killing a few bad ones. You can do it all—you just gotta tell yourself, and believe it when you say it—"I'm the baddest mother@#$&#$ in the whole universe."
–Rocket Raccoon, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1

Not every villain is content to contain their schemes to a single parochial planet—some have much more cosmic ambitions, unleashing their evil against the countless worlds of the galaxy. If you’re ready to leave Earth behind, it’s time to fuel up the Milano, grab that guy’s arm, and blast off for the stars!

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce The Galaxy’s Most Wanted, the second campaign expansion for Marvel Champions: The Card Game!

It’s time to team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy and take your games of Marvel Champions onto the galactic stage. Within The Galaxy’s Most Wanted, you’ll find an entirely new campaign, with five distinct scenarios pitting you against Drang of the Brotherhood of Badoon, the Collector (featured in two separate scenarios), Nebula, and Ronan the Accuser. You can play each of these scenarios individually or bring them together in an epic campaign, and with seven modular sets, there are opportunities to mix up all of your other scenarios. What’s more, this campaign expansion also introduces the first Guardians of the Galaxy heroes to the game, with fully pre-built and ready-to-play hero decks for Groot and Rocket Racoon.

Galactic Villainy

From your very first scenario, your heroes are hit with new challenges. In your battle against Drang (The Galaxy’s Most Wanted, 58), you can expect to battle the villain and minions like the Badoon Grunt (The Galaxy’s Most Wanted, 118). But it’s not just a fight on the ground—you’ll be flying the Milano (The Galaxy’s Most Wanted, 142) against Drang’s Badoon Ship (The Galaxy’s Most Wanted, 63), dodging through a Blockade (The Galaxy’s Most Wanted, 66) and dealing with perils like a Hull Breach (The Galaxy’s Most Wanted, 146).



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