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BattleTech: Map Pack - Battle of Tukayyid - Linebreakers

BattleTech: Map Pack - Battle of Tukayyid

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Most BattleTech maps include empty half-hexes on all sides, allowing players to join multiple maps together. Due to the nature of this Map Pack, and the desire to immerse players in the well-detailed continuity of the Battle of Tukayyid, that was not possible; hence why these are double-sized maps. A die-cut sheet with fire and smoke markers is provided. The smoke tile are intended to be used as Light Smoke, however players may use the darker tiles as Heavy Smoke if desired.

Each map measures 36" x 22" (91.44 x 55.9cm)

4 Double-sided Paper Map Sheets
39 Double-sided Smoke/Fire Tiles


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