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30mm Eexm-30 Espossito 1/144 Model Kit

30mm Eexm-30 Espossito 1/144 Model Kit

Bandai Hobby
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From Bandai Hobby. Introducing the pioneering variable mass production machine of the 30MM series, the eEXM-30 Espossito Beta, the latest aircraft in the United Earth Forces' arsenal! This remarkable 30MM unit boasts the ability to transform into flight mode, offering versatility in combat scenarios. What's more, each component of its body is customizable to cater to the user's preferences. For those seeking ultimate uniqueness, the Espossito Beta can be combined with other Espossito and Exa-vehicles (available separately). Don't miss out on this cutting-edge addition to your collection. Order yours today and equip it with the included accessories: two beam rifles and two shields for added firepower and protection.


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