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Cyberpunk Red Dice Set: Wet Work

Cyberpunk Red Dice Set: Wet Work

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Cyberpunk Red Dice Set: Wet Work

The Fourth Corporate War is long over, but there’s no point in waiting for winners to show up - let alone to see them repair the world devastated by fighting. The Network has been destroyed and abandoned; local CityNETs are not secure and require direct access, making the lives of Netrunners riskier than ever. There is a huge crisis regarding the transportation of goods between cities, as air and sea shipping is out of the question. Only the ground-based means of transport remain: small, erratic, vulnerable to gangs and thieves, thus disproportionately expensive. A nuclear bomb fell on downtown Night City and left irradiated ashes in place of the corporate district. People migrate en masse between cities, preferring to settle in those abandoned during the crisis of the last century, away from corporations and their local machinations.

It's all up to you again. Exactly the way you like it. It is always nice and easy prior to the real action, everyone smiles at the thought of the payment – but when bullets start flying around, explosions make the air shake, and the approaching enemies are glistening with cyber implants, all your pals disappear. You alone stay on the battlefield to solve the problem. It's not easy to be Solo when you’re surrounded by wimps... But you like it. And those guys who are unlucky enough to stand in your way - they’ll be just twisted pieces of chrome soon enough. Wet Work, but you like it.

The best defense is a good offense. Focus, let the shiny chrome in your veins guide you for maximum efficiency. Take these dice with sophisticated integrated circuits design and trust them to do their job seamlessly, just like you do yours. Wet Work or not, together you can do it. And then maybe, just maybe, there will be a chance for the long-awaited “better tomorrow”.



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