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Dungeons and Dragons: Awakened Skeleton (5E) - Linebreakers

Dungeons and Dragons: Awakened Skeleton (5E)

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A new supplement introducing a most dire of races, the Awakened Skeleton. Raised by ancient magics or the curse of a god, no one knows, but these players live again for the greatest of roleplaying games 5th edition!

Inside you will find:


  • Stats for playing as an Awakened Skeleton.
  • Sub-race stats for all the major races in the core rulebook.
  • Class options including: College of the Grave for Bards, Circle of the Crypt for Druids, Death Archetype for Fighters, The Oath of Silent Passing for Paladins, and The Dead One Patron for Warlocks.
  • Two adventure locations to challenge your players with. The Temple Orcus and The Mael-Carin Crypt.

This volume is pumped full of information that both players and gamemasters can use and enjoy for many adventures to come.



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