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The Fog #2 (Of 4) Cover A Rosado (Mature)

The Fog #2 (Of 4) Cover A Rosado (Mature)

Massive Publishing
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Cover by Christian Rosado, best known for his work on Dark Horse's Skull and Bones, as well as appearances on Heavy Metal's Taarna and Dynamite's Vampirella. THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE IN TERROR. Forty years after the events of THE FOG (1980), this comic series tells a supernatural horror story that reconnects several surviving characters and their descendents from John Carpenter's original story to a new series of paranormal events that plague Antonio Bay, a small fishing community turned ghost-hunting tourist destination. The town continues its descent into madness as a diabolical entity from its controversial founding emerges from the Fog to claim the life of one of the survivors...and this new threat is not Captain Blake!


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