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Secrets of Skelos (Conan RPG)

Secrets of Skelos (Conan RPG)

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Open the black book and gaze fearfully upon its contents! The letters may writhe like tortured insects, and strange, otherworldly voices may assail your ear, but you must endure these horrors if you would learn the true secrets of sorcery. Did the wizards of Old Stygia or Acheron or vanished Atlantis shirk in the face of danger and demons? Will your courage and your will fail you as you seek to master their forgotten arts? Secrets of Skelos revises and expands on the lore contained in the Scrolls of Skelos supplement. This includes additional sorcery styles and spells; full rules for creating permanent magic, including magical weapons and other sorcerous items; and a large section on the creatures of sorcery, whether the demons called up by scholars, the demon lords who act as their patrons, the strange monsters some wise men find in the wilderness and train as servants, or the weird aberrations crafted by certain sorcerers in their quests to make life itself.



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